Strength Circuit

Our Keiser-Circuit (pressurized equipment) provides a superior strength circuit. Keiser-machines allow iso-lateral training (arms and legs work individually and can be exercised alternately). Using air-pressure the resistance can be adjusted in tiny increments (by the gram) and the resistance can be changed during exercise. The resistance increases in the end of motion, in contrast to conventional equipment, where the resistance is highest at the start of motion (momentum). A combination of conventional equipment and Keiser allows the muscle to develop optimally over its full length. The Keiser machines are fully suitable for rehabilitation, can be used for speed training without the risk of injury (no momentum!) and are proven to provide the best results with smooth muscle fibre (abs and lower back). The full circuit can be exercised with our traffic light independently in your own time. Alternatively the Keiser machines can be incorporated in your individual workouts.