Functional Training

What is functional training?

Functional training is a form of training in which you train predominantly with your own body weight. Functional training is characterized by complex and multi-jointed movement sequences. Many different muscle groups are used and coordination and balance are also trained. The goal is an all-round athletic body. But what exercises can I do? What should I pay attention to? How often should I train?

Your specialist for functional training in Munich & Unterhaching will answer these and other questions on the following pages (in progress). Thomas Sport Center has a special training room for functional training, equipped with a double swing floor, SEK ladder, boxing bag, balance boards, step-up box, tubes, TRX and much more. The trainer team at the Thomas Sport Center is trained in functional training and can answer all your questions. There are regular classes, such as TRX and Total Body, which focus on functional training. There is also the possibility to book personal training with a functional coach. A first impression to the possibilities of Functional Training with us here in Munich & Unterhaching is given by our video Functional Training, see below.

Funktional Training im Fitnessstudio München Thomas Sport Center
Functional Training - Health Club Munich

Functional training in the open air is offered by the Boot Camp of Thomas Sport Center.
More Information under 089 40 40 46 for München or 089 612 77 70 for Unterhaching.

What to watch out for?

Functional training – preparation for everyday life

The aim of functional training is to optimally prepare the body for everyday life. This means to achieve an improvement of the body feeling and to stabilize the entire musculoskeletal system with muscles, tendons and joints. Thus the risk of injury is strongly minimized by Functional Training. In order for your Functional Training Workout to fulfil its purpose optimally, the following must be observed:

Of class, a controlled and correct execution of exercises, i.e. a clean technique, is the basis for optimal training success, especially in functional training. Through functional training exercises, the athlete’s body is consciously brought into imbalance in order to stimulate him to regain his own balance. Therefore a high degree of body tension is necessary during the exercise. Often it is exercises that are performed standing on both legs. Therefore a stable hip position is essential.

Thomas Sport Center is the specialist for functional training in Munich! Our trainers will be happy to help you to create a perfect functional fitness workout.

Functional Excercises

Pull-up quite simple

The chin-up is an elementary exercise in strength training and especially in functional training. Not everyone can do the chin-up right away. In conventional equipment training, there is the pull-up machine, or Assisted Chin/Dip, which allows you to gradually work your way up to the free pull-up. The Assist-Tube or Support-Tube is suitable for functional training. This rubber band reduces your own body weight and offers support for the classic pull-up.

Eine gute Adresse für funktionelles Training in München ist Thomas Sport Center, München-Haidhausen.

A good address for functional training in Munich is Thomas Sport Center, Munich-Haidhausen. In the sports center there is a special training room for functional training, with SEK leader, boxing bag and much more. Our functional coaches are at your disposal to help you achieve your personal fitness goals!

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