Life Fitness Circuit

The circuit from Life Fitness offers a comfortable workout for the whole body in minimum time. The machines resistance is based on tubes rather than plates. Hence there is no risk of injury (no momentum) even with high numbers of reps.

The circuit is ideal for a short workout (15 to 20 Minutes) or can be implemented as a thorough deep muscle warm-up prior to further strength training. It consist of 10 units and covers all major muscle groups of the body. A traffic light indicates the periods of activity (green, 60 seconds) and pause/change to the next machine (red, 30 seconds). Long activity intervals and short breaks guarantee a cardiovascular effect. Circuit training is diverse, very dynamic and efficient. The resistance on each machine can be easily set on a scale from 1 to 10. Up to 10 Persons can train in the circuit at a time. The training-direction is clockwise.

Fitnesszirkel im Fitnessstudio München Thomas Sport Center
Life Fitness Circuit - Health Club Munich