Company Fitness

Thomas Sport Center offers simple and flexible models for corporate fitness in Munich & Unterhaching
Company fitness promotes the health and performance of your employees and colleagues. It makes your company more attractive for high-performing applicants and increases the loyalty of your top performers to the company. Company fitness promotes team cohesion, reduces stress and absenteeism, increases productivity… and all this at manageable costs. Thomas Sport Center offers a family atmosphere, professional training support, a large selection of classes, special areas for functional training and bodybuilding, sauna area, solarium, massages, child care at no extra cost and free parking during the training. Thomas Sport Center has many years of experience in the field of corporate fitness and looks forward to a partnership with your company.
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Company Fitness Card of Thomas Sport Centers

The company fitness card is a proven and flexible model from Thomas Sport Center. A company fitness card can be used by all employees of the company. The number of cards determines how many employees can train “simultaneously” in the Thomas Sport Center. With the company fitness card, employees can use all areas of the sports centre: The fitness training, all classes, the sauna landscape, the use of child care and free parking during the training are included. The costs for a company fitness card are between € 100 and € 140 per month plus VAT, depending on how many “entitled users” are entered on a company fitness card. The term for a company fitness card is 6 months and can be terminated with 6 weeks’ notice to the end of the 6 months. The company receives a permanent invoice with sales tax (for participation in our sepa direct debit procedure) or alternatively a monthly invoice in advance (for bank transfer in advance). The costs can be claimed as operating expenses. It must be ensured that the monetary advantage per employee does not exceed the permissible allowance of € 40 per month. This means that at least 3 or more authorized users should be entered on a company card.

Checkin for Corporate Fitness Customers

The employees of our company fitness customers simply check in with an employee ID card, identity card or driver’s license. We check if the name is on the “list of authorized users”…and off we go with the training.

Are you interested in our company fitness cards? Make an appointment here with us at the Thomas Sport Center or at your place. We will answer all your questions.

Your contact for corporate fitness at Thomas Sport Center Munich:

Mr. Noel Schulz, Club Manager and Mr. Bruno Berg, Jun. Club Manager.

You can also reach us by e-mail at
Phone: 089 40 40 46

Your contact for company fitness at Thomas Sport Center Unterhaching:

Mr. Norbert Demmel, studio manager.

You can also reach us by e-mail at
Phone: 089 612 77 70

On request, Thomas Sport Center offers seminars and training classes in the areas of stress management and ergonomics (also in-house). If required, we organize team events in the field of sports, e.g. a yoga class just for your team or also a boot camp / training camp outdoors for the whole company. Furthermore there is the possibility to rent our class rooms for company activities.