Cardio Training

With more than 60 cardio units from leading manufacturers (Precor, Life a.o.), Thomas Sport Center is well equipped for your cardio needs:
  • Treadmills
  • Cross-Trainers / Ellipticals
  • Fitness-Cycles
  • Steppers
  • Rowing Machines (Concept II Rower)
  • AMTs (Adaptive Motion Trainers)
Our equipment offers a great variety of workout options , suitable for all ability levels, from beginner to professional athelete. From light workout to intensive interval training. Our “cardio-theater” provides news, music and entertainment (please bring your own earphones).
Cardo Training im Fitnessstudio München Thomas Sport Center
Cardio area in the gym Munich
Cardiotraining im Fitnessstudio München Thomas Sport Center
Rudern im Fitnessstudio München Thomas Sport Center

AMT Ellipticals

AMTs (Adaptive Motion Trainer) offer a fluid range of motion, from stepping to crosstraining. Stride-length and step-hight can be adjusted.


Specialied Fitness Cycle offer endurance testing (submaximal) and provide information on your personal fitness level. During the fitness-test, the resistance is increased in stages and your heart rate is monitored continously. The results help us to recommend the best workout programme for your individual fitness needs.

Treadmills with additional decline function

Our Treadmills offer incline as well as a 3% decline function and are thus also suitable for rehab.

Assault Runners for Cross-Fit

A true Highlight are the Assault Airrunners at our Sport Center Munich. The “curved” Treadmills are running machines without motor, providing the perfect running workout for experienced and advanced runners. Running on the Airrunners requires a high level of coordination, balance and focus.

Free Wifi

Naturally all our Cardio areas have Free Wifi.