What is Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is a sporting activity with which you can change the shape of your body in a targeted way, so to speak “you get yourself into shape”. The focus is on the development of musculature in general and at specific points in connection with a possible reduction of body fat. A pretty butt, for example, only gets the right tight curves with a certain amount of musculature. And so an athletic appearance can also be achieved by enlarging the shoulder muscles. In the right balance between strength and endurance training and the appropriate nutrition, it is possible to lose weight at certain points and gain weight at others. A further positive side effect is that with each gram of muscle mass the basic metabolism, and/or the calorie consumption increases, which brings a fat-reducing effect with itself. Bodybuilding belongs to the strength sports. In addition to the modification of the body, the strength also improves, which is important for the stability of our skeleton and thus has a preventive, but also rehabilitative effect on joint problems, for example in the back, knee, etc..

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Bodybuilding training, also called strength training, can be carried out on free weights as well as on special training machines. The training machines are better suited for newcomers, as the sequence of movements is precisely defined. Training on the free weights requires a certain amount of experience and prior knowledge and is therefore recommended for advanced users. Since free weights such as dumbbells and barbells, pull-ups, dips, etc. have to be balanced freely, more muscle fibres are used during training than on the training machines and are therefore more effective. Therefore, slightly advanced users should add exercises on free weights to their training program. The following points have to be considered when creating the right training program:

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Bodybuilding Exercises

Bodybuilding in München

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  • How do I want to shape my body?
  • Where do I want to lose weight? Where do I want to gain weight?

Starting point

  • Fitness and health requirements
  • Professional and general physical activities.
  • Age and sex
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Training program

Here we explain a basic program, but what must be individually adapted to each person separately.

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This is how the muscle thinks: “Oh what a training pain! That must not happen to me again, so I now get the right nutrients from the organs and the digestive tract and BUILD UP! The muscle builds up in the resting phase. At the beginning the muscle reacts to the lowest training load with growth (according to studies and our experience – in EVERY age). The more advanced you are, the less progress you make. Thus one must expose the muscle in appropriate distances by change of the training program again and again new “unusual” growth stimuli.

The first training plan

In the first half year the training can take place exclusively on training machines. The whole body should be trained 2 x per week in approx. 30 minutes. For each muscle group one exercise with 2 sets; one set for warming up with 20 repetitions and one “strenuous set” with approx. 15 repetitions. The weights should be increased accordingly.

The second training plan

Depending on the progress, the training plan for the following half year can be extended slightly by one set per muscle group to approx. 45 minutes. The number of repetitions is adapted to the objective. If, for example, you want to gain weight on the upper arm, reduce the number of repetitions of the upper arm exercises in the “strenuous set” to approx. 10 repetitions and increase the weights accordingly. To reduce the size of Po´s, for example, the number of repetitions is increased. With this program, and/or this expenditure (2 x per week a ` 45 min.) and with occasional training program changes in addition with a few exercises at free weights and the correct nutrition one can come already quite well into form and remain with continuous continuation also in form.

The third training plan

The next growth stimulus can be created by adding one training day per week. I.e. 3 training sessions per week with at least one day break in between. At the same time one or the other exercise (training machine) can be replaced by free weights for particularly preferred muscle groups. This training period can be maintained until you have the feeling that you are making no more progress. You can judge this fairly objectively after about half a year.

Split Training Principle

Now the muscle needs further incentives, which can be created by new unusual exercises, but also by more training.

We extend the program to 3 exercises a´ 3 sets per large muscle group (chest, shoulder, back, legs/po) and 2 exercises a` 3 sets per small muscle group (biceps, triceps, abdomen, calves,). At the same time we spread the training program over 2 days. The so-called split system requires the willingness to train regularly 3 – 4 times a week. The selection and classification of the exercises now depends even more specifically on the objective with regard to our idea of how we want to shape our body.

Provided that it is based on the right diet, our body should already now look quite good. Perhaps already as good as we had wished. So you could keep this system and the effort and only vary over the years with the exercises.

If you want even more or even want to compete, then in the medium term the double split system can follow after the split system:

Double Split Training Principle

The body (training) is divided into 3 days. Three consecutive training days and one day, if necessary also 2 days break. Each muscle group is trained extensively once in the 3 days.

Example: Monday, Tuesday, With
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Training,
Thursday – break,
Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Training,
Monday – break,…
The training should last about 1 ½ hour.

Cardio / Endurance Training

Basically, a successful bodybuilding workout requires a good physical condition. The muscle should always fail first and not the condition. I.e. in case of a weak endurance, the muscle cannot be challenged up to the growth stimulus. After each training day, it is recommended to train for about 20 minutes (depending on the goal also a little longer) on a cardio machine in order to get some more power at the end.


Note: Never stretch a cold muscle!

When warming up each exercise, the first repetitions should be carried out carefully and not necessarily over the entire movement sequence. During the 20 repetitions we extend the range of motion to its completion.

Now the affected muscle group is ready to be stretched.

Although the correct and complete execution also trains the mobility anyway, we expand the horizon of the maximum possible with stretching exercises of the respective muscle group after each individual set. In this way we achieve optimal blood circulation to the muscles, tendons and joints.


Note: “You are what you eat!

The fact that we often differ greatly in terms of form and body size is mainly due to eating habits and hardly to the most advanced cause of the predisposed metabolism.

The range between daily fast food and a healthy, for bodybuilders and fitness athletes (- inside) depending on the goal balanced and nevertheless tasty nutrition, is extremely large.

The nutrition of a bodybuilding athlete, on the other hand, has only one goal: effective nutrients for the purpose of success. Taste is secondary. This kind of nutrition is basically very healthy, but extreme.

Athletes who do not go to competitions, but simply want to look good and athletic, can, depending on their objectives – well controlled – also take into account the desire and pleasure of good food.

Nutrition of a competition bodybuilder or fitness and figure class participant

Let’s take for orientation the “extreme case”, a competition-oriented bodybuilder, or a woman of fitness, figure or bikini classes, to whom the maximum of discipline in nutrition as well as the whole lifestyle is demanded.

In principle, as many high-quality meals as possible are taken per day so that the body has continuous access to nutrients that are necessary to build muscle. Particular attention is paid to a sufficient supply of protein (proteins, amino acids). Even before going to bed, slowly digestible proteins should be taken so that the anabolic (constructive) state lasts through the night. As already mentioned: The muscle builds up during the resting phase (by the way, also on days without training). Furthermore, the carbohydrates and fats should also be taken in such a way that they supply us with sufficient energy during training.

In competition bodybuilding there is the build-up phase, also called the mass phase (out of season) and the definition phase (competition preparation).

In the mass phase, the body should be supplied with so many high-quality calories that energy and nutrients (proteins, amino acids) are continuously available. Here it is important to pay special attention to the quality of the diet so that no unnecessary fat is added. Otherwise, losing excess fat would make it more difficult to maintain muscle mass during the definition phase.

In the definition phase (preparation for competition), the calories of carbohydrates and fats are reduced to just below the consumption level in order to reduce fat and maintain muscle mass at the same time. The deficiency should be present throughout the day, except during training. The meals and nutrients are timed in such a way that energy is available without restriction during training. This will make it more difficult to maintain the muscle mass you have built up during the definition phase.

Food Supplements

To make sure that no link in the food chain (protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals) is missing, the addition of dietary supplements, which usually taste incredibly good (eg protein shake, carbohydrate drinks, mineral drinks, etc.). But beware: these must also be included in the daily calorie consumption.

The last decisive polish before the competition

The last 2 days before the competition the protein supply should be reduced to a minimum and replaced by carbohydrates. In technical terminology we call this “charging”. I.e. we provide our body with as much energy as possible.

Now the water naturally stored under the skin must be drawn into the muscle; with the aim of making the muscle thicker and at the same time clearly visible.

Note: The prerequisite for so-called “dehydration” is that the white fat as well as the brown subcutaneous fatty tissue has almost disappeared.

Here one works with 3 components: Water, sodium, potassium

Sodium (salt) binds water in the body and under the skin. The potassium is produced by ourselves and is responsible for draining the stored water to a normal level to balance it out. The higher the sodium content, the higher the own potassium value rises.

If we surprise the body with a sudden sodium withdrawal, then the still high potassium value draws the water into the muscle and then transports it away.

Right in the middle of this procedure the athlete should be on stage. Drinking a lot of water and suddenly leaving it out also plays a decisive role in the right timing.

Wrong timing can result in either a thin film of water under the skin covering a good definition (muscle division) or the muscle appearing empty and flat.

Ultimately, a successful bodybuilder should appear defined, fully muscular and healthy. This also applies to women in fitness, figure and bikini classes, depending on the requirements.

Presentation on the competition stage

Whether in the bodybuilding, fitness, figure or bikini class, the presentation is the real issue on the competition stage. Top prepared and physically superior.

Nevertheless, a bad presentation can lead to defeat. Depending on the category there are compulsory poses, free posing, posing and acrobatics freestyle to music.

Note: The presentation on the competition stage is an art form.

Questions that every athlete has to answer in order to achieve artistic perfection:

How do I present myself to the jury and the audience to get the most out of it? How do I perform the poses? Which poses suit me best? How do I move from one pose to another? Do I move quickly or slowly, elegantly or abruptly? How do I get into focus? Am I rather the discreet type who attracts attention through modesty? Or the aggressive, effervescent one who agitates and literally displaces all rivals? On stage, nothing should be left to chance. Every pose, every movement, even every step is completely planned and practised 1000 times. Here, too, success lies once again in preparation.


In this report, we discussed general basic rules regarding bodybuilding, strength and cardio training, stretching, nutrition, as well as the entire lifestyle. Since we humans are all unique individuals with different prerequisites, goals and dispositions, a detailed analysis with an extensive interview and fitness check is required to create a targeted success program. And that’s exactly our job, here we are the professionals.

You will find a good address for bodybuilding, muscle building and nutrition in Munich & Unterhaching in the Thomas Sport Center. Thomas Sport Center has a workout area, specialized for bodybuilding. Here you will find dumbbells up to 55kg, multi presses, squat rack, Olympic benches, cable tower… Guaranteed everything you need! The trainers of Thomas Sport Center are also trained in bodybuilding and can answer all your questions. There are special classes, such as Bodypump by Les Mills, which are ideal for the definition phase. Personal training for bodybuilding is also possible.

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