Questions for those interested

Please make an appointment agreed to “health advice” in one of our studios. This appointment booking is possible online or by phone. Contact details can be found here for [Munich] or [Unterhaching]. After a joint tour of our club, our coaches explain all the ways to be active in the TSC.

We want to be transparent and have included a clear monthly contribution of all services such as training, courses, spa and sauna, child care and training support. [Rates & Membership] There are no hidden extra fees. Like can you book an optional beverage package for mineral drinks, which is a month’s notice.

After our coaches have all shown during the “fitness advice,” you can still like to try a course or a few devices. A basic free trial, without prior consultation, we do not offer. If you want to test the TSC spontaneously and without registration, a trial for 12 € at any time be booked at reception – in the event of subsequent membership, we will charge this amount to the first monthly fee (please Bon cancel).

In all TSC clubs individual visits (€ 17) or 10 cards (€ 155) can be purchased.

Questions about the sauna and Daycare

The visit of the sauna and spa is included in the membership. There are no specific times for men and women, the spa areas are always open to both sexes. Each guest should bring at least two big towels, one to be placed on the timber and one for drying and for the lounge chairs. In our saunas takes her figurehead for basic cycle of a sauna session. Consumption of own alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all TSC spa areas.
Even young mums with 3-4 month-old infants can use the TSC dayare. Experience has shown that sleep little in the infant carrier while mom even has a few minutes for yourself. The service of daycare is included with all TSC memberships. All important info to get you on the first visit, our staff in daycare.