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Zumba at Thomas Sport Center

Zumba is the popular fitness dance trend from the USA.

Thomas Sport Center in Munich Haidhausen & Unterhaching is the specialist for Zumba fitness. The Thomas Sport Center in Munich Haidhausen & Unterhaching offers Zumba daily and works with some of the best Zumba trainers in Munich. Zumba is taught at Thomas Sport Center by Zumba trainers from Latin America. Zumba at the Thomas Sport Center is therefore particularly authentic and a lot of fun!


Zumba is the new fitness dance trend from the USA. A fitness class as hot as the music (Latino rhythms and dance charts) with dance steps from Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, Cumbia and MTV moves. Fitness and figure training that brings a lot of fun! “Zumba was “invented” by Alberto “Beto” Perez in Colombia already in the 90s. In 2001 he founded the company Zumba Fitness in Miami. Since then Zumba has conquered the world. The big advantage of Zumba is that the steps are easy to learn and the sense of achievement is guaranteed. There is hardly any other course where “losing weight” is so much fun. Because in a Zumba course so many calories are burned and millions of women and men in the world dance to the dream figure. Fitness and figure training, which brings a lot of fun! Join our Zumba Workout at any time.

A good address for classes in Munich & Unterhaching is Thomas Sport Center, the specialist for Zumba and classes in Munich Haidhausen & Unterhaching. You can book a trial class under:
Munich: 089 – 40 40 46
Unterhaching: 089 – 612 7770

5er map for classes in Munich is available at www.fitness-muenchen-shop.com
You can find the times for our classes at:

Thomas Sport Center regularly hosts Zumba parties at the Crowns Club (Night Club), an ideal opportunity for Zumba beginners to get a taste of what Zumba has to offer, and perfect for Zumba professionals to “dance” in a real club atmosphere.

Dates for all Zumba parties will be published on facebook!
More videos of the last Zumba parties can be found >> here <<

In the Thomas Sport Center the Zumba classes are currently taught by:













Heri & Anai

Puerto Rico / Cuba



Teenagers are also expressly welcome in our Zumba classes. Currently, a number of daughters of our members aged 10-14 regularly dance in our Zumba classes. Should the interest increase further, we will introduce special “Zumba for Teens” classes.
Thomas Sport Center is specialized in Zumba:

Just give us a call for a Zumba trial lesson: 089 40 40 46 in München / 089 612 77 70 in Unterhaching
You don’t have to become a member to participate in the Zumba classes! There are 10er cards!

Zumba: “with Samba to the dream figure” and Zumba “every molecule of your body cries out for happiness” – these are the official slogans of this new fitness trend from the USA. Zumba® is taught exclusively by qualified Zumba® trainers. (www.zumba.de).

The Zumba classes dance to hot Latino rhythms and current hits. The Zumba trainer will give the choreography.

Zumba comes closest to the Brazilian Axe Bahia, only that Zumba unites different musical styles.

Unlike earlier fitness trends like Salsa aerobics or Latin moves, Zumba’s music is unadulterated, i.e. the original is not mixed or cut.

This makes the choreos even more real and MTV-like!

The choreography is completed for each individual song (track) and usually consists of a few steps. The characteristic chorus repeats itself again and again.

I.e. nobody has to remember endlessly long choreographies. The advantage: also beginners come along well.

Nevertheless, advanced students get their money’s worth by performing their movements more intensively and with more power and perfection. Zumba’s steps and movements come mainly from the Latin American region: Zumba teaches you the basic steps of Samba, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia … to play with!

Zumba trainers are happy to repeat individual tracks in order to deepen certain basic steps and choreographies.

Zumba is exhausting. The breaks between the individual tracks are necessary for the participants to take a breath / maybe something to drink – before they continue with hot rhythms. Zumba offers interval training with medium to high intensity that is effective for the cardiovascular system. That means heart, circulation, lungs are strengthened, but also the body regions of the legs and hips are tightened … and above all many calories are burned.