TRX was originally developed for the US Navy Seals. Using patented rope-system strength, mobility and balance are developed Only body weight is used as resistance. Participation in TRX classes requires good fitness and body-control. . TRX-1 = Induction for TRX-newcomers TRX-2 = TRX Training für TRX-Profis TRX classes are often only 30 minutes long because the training can be very intensive. Usually the TRX exercises are loosened up with functional exercises.

TRX 1 = Basic TRX and Beginner-Level
TRX 2 = Advanced Training

TRX-Classes very often have a duration of 30 minutes because the training can be very intensive. Usualy TRX excerices are eased by additional functional excercises.

A good address for classes in Munich & Unterhaching is Thomas Sport Center, the specialist for Zumba and classes in Munich Haidhausen & Unterhaching. You can book a trial class under:
Munich: 089 – 40 40 46
Unterhaching: 089 – 612 7770

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