Flexi-Bar / XCO

Fitness + Baby is the ideal Workout for Mummy (oder Daddy) and fun for the baby (age 3 month to 18 month). The little`ones are on a „play-carpet” with lots of toys in the centre, while the parents exercise in a circle surrounding the babies. The kids are included in the class (with, songs, games, clapping…). The babies are sometimes used as additional weights on abs exercises and the likes. Fitness with Baby in Munich Haidhausen every Thursday 16.00 can also be booked on a 10 visit pass (no membership required).
flexi-bar-in-münchen-als-fitness-kurs-im-Thomas Sport Center in-münchen-haidhausen-unterhaching

A good address for classes in Munich & Unterhaching is Thomas Sport Center, the specialist for Zumba and classes in Munich Haidhausen & Unterhaching. You can book a trial class under:
Munich: 089 – 40 40 46
Unterhaching: 089 – 612 7770

5er map for classes in Munich is available at www.fitness-muenchen-shop.com
You can find the times for our classes at: